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50 Natural Clear Skin Tips That Are Actually Easy to Do

Let’s talk about that holy grail of beauty: amazingly clear skin.

Getting clear skin naturally feels like an impossible task for many.

It seems only achievable for superstars who allegedly pay $130 for a jar of bee venom that is said to tighten your skin and reduce wrinkles.

But what if you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a crazy expensive cream – or what if you don’t really believe in slapping bee venom on your face for getting great skin?

Then stay right here. We’ve put together a list of ways to get clear skin that are easy to apply, straightforward, and proven to be effective.

We also made sure they are all-natural.

And we’ve added some links so you can read up on the background information for the beauty tips you are most interested in, if you’re so inclined.

Let’s get started!

Get clear skin by washing your face the right way

1. Wash your face every evening before you go to bed, making sure that you always remove your makeup. If you don’t, you could easily wake up with breakouts.

But do you know how to wash your face the right way?

“Duh” you might think, “of course I do.”

Actually, though, it’s a bit trickier than you might think. Did you know that if you remove your makeup incorrectly, over time, you can end up irritating your eyes and damaging your skin?

But never fear: there are ways to remove makeup in a way that is gentle on your skin using natural ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen.

This way you save money you might otherwise spend on commercial facial cleansers or scrubs.

2. Always wash your face in the morning, as well, to get rid of leftover hair oil (sebum), hair styling products, or makeup that made its way onto your pillowcase.

This will help you to prevent breakouts and clogged pores.

Wondering why there might be makeup on your pillowcase, even if you wash your face every evening?

Removing all of the makeup or mascara is actually more difficult than it sounds.

During the day, your makeup gets mixed with all the pollution you encounter during the day, sweat, and lots of dead skin cells.

A quick face wash does the basics, but it doesn’t remove everything. Not even soap can get it all off.

If you really want to get clear skin naturally then we have just the right thing for you. Here’s an all-natural, 100% organic makeup remover completely free of artificial chemicals and toxins. Read how much other people have enjoyed this super-healthy beauty item.

3. This is one of our favorite clear skin tips because it’s so easy to do. Before washing your face, remember to wash your hands with soap. You don’t want to rub any dirt from your hands onto your face.

4. Treat your face gently. Use clean hands to wash your face instead of washcloths or other scratchy alternatives.

This way, you will prevent your face from getting irritated and red.

For the rest of your body, the most skin-friendly way to shower includes not using a loofah that is more than 2 months old, as after that it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

To avoid filling up landfills with 2-month-old loofahs that won’t break down for the next 100 years, considering switching to a 100% natural loofah. You’re not only preventing micro-plastics to end up in your municipal water, but you’re also not washing your beautiful skin with a bunch of petrochemicals and toxins. Check out the love that these amazing natural loofahs received from other people who made the switch.

5. If you decide to use a washcloth to wash your face anyway, be careful not to rub your face too hard with your washcloth in order to minimize irritation.

Also, you’ll want to launder it frequently. Breakout-causing bacteria (and mold) can easily grow in a damp washcloth.

6. A great way to boost your clear skin regimen is to wash your face with a cleanser, but remember to do this: Put the cleanser on your hands first and make it foam to activate the ingredients before putting your cleanser on your face.

This makes your cleanser much more effective and will  give you glowing skin. In addition to that, make sure your facial cleanser is 100% free of artificial chemicals and toxins. Here’s an all-natural cleanser that solely uses certified fair trade ingredients. People love it – read the reviews.

7. When you use a facial cleanser, wash for at least 30 seconds to get all the oils and dirt off your skin.

8. Make sure you wash off all of the cleanser you are using. Rinse until you can feel that all the oil and slipperiness is gone from your skin.

9. When washing your face, try putting your face over a steaming pot of water for a few minutes.

The steam will open up your pores, making it easier to remove any dirt and oil for getting clear skin naturally.

10. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Cold water does not open up your pores and will make it more difficult to wash off oils and dirt.

11. When you’re taking a hot shower, try to keep it short. Hot water can dry out your skin.

In case you can’t resist spending some extra time in the shower, make sure you moisturize your skin afterwards.

12. A hot and steamy shower will open your pores temporarily. Conversely, cold water causes them to close temporarily.

If you use hot water and then apply your makeup while your pores are still open, they will absorb more makeup than they would otherwise, increasing the chances of becoming clogged. Not good.

Our clear skin tip: after you take a hot shower, you should either rinse your face with cold water, or wait 15 minutes to allow your pores time to close before applying your makeup.

13. Don’t use bath towels or hand towels on your face. You don’t want any leftover dirt or oil from your hands or other body parts being rubbed on your face.

This is especially important for hair towels, as these may have some hair products left on them that should definitely not get on your face.

Instead, always use a separate face towel, and make sure to launder it at least every 5 days.

You also have to stop using laundry detergents that are packed with harsh toxins that partly remain even after rinsing your towels. Remember: your skin absorbs everything it gets in touch with.

There’s a one-of-a-kind, natural laundry detergent with ingredients that are 100% non-toxicity based on our research using the EWG toxicity database. And the best part is that it truly gets the job done without leaving a bunch of toxins on your skin. Read the reviews here.

14. After washing your face, don’t rub it dry. Instead, pat it dry. This way you avoid irritation.

15. As you go about your day, avoid touching your face, especially when you don’t have freshly-washed hands.

Many people are already aware that the oils from your hands can cause breakouts. 

What most people don’t think about is that your hands also pick up bacteria from your cellphone, laptop, light switches, door knobs, and so forth.

Touching your face can transfer these bacteria to your pores, leading to breakouts.

Lifestyle tips for getting clear skin naturally

16. Reducing your alcohol consumption is a great way to detox naturally, which will help you look fresh and reduce the danger of getting breakouts.

Learn more about what alcohol does to your skin and how to protect yourself before and after having a few drinks.

If for some reason you still had too much to drink and need something to naturally discover asap then you should look into the antioxidant power of reishi extract. It’s a truly natural miracle product (top EWG score). See what others had to say.

17. Got stress? Put a hot towel over your face for about 10 minutes.

This will not only relax you, but will also add moisture for extra softness to your face.

To lock in the moisture, apply a face moisturizer after taking off the towel for great skin and a natural glow.

18. Physical exercise can give you a healthy glow and clear skin on your face.

According to a study at McMaster University, exercise can not only slow down your aging process, but you can even reverse it slightly.

As little as 30 minutes of exercise twice per week can support your skin in maintaining a clearer complexion.

19. Since you just learned it’s important to work out, remember this: To avoid clogging pores, remove all of your makeup before your workout to be sure it doesn’t mix with your sweat and cause breakouts.

Here’s a guide to teach you how to remove your makeup the natural way.

You should also shower immediately after your workout to keep your pores clean.

20. Love taking a long sunbath? Remember though, it comes at a price.

A study in the International Journal of Molecular Science has shown that UVB radiation burns your skin and UVA rays accelerate the aging process of your skin.

Both of these kinds of UV rays lead to skin cancer. Make sure you stay in the shade, wear a hat and cover up, and limit your time in the sun.

21. Still wanna spend a lot of time in the sun? Using sunscreen on your face prevents dark spots and wrinkles.

While the benefits of sunscreen shouldn’t be ignored, sunscreens contain a large number of harsh toxins such as Octinoxate, PABA, Homosalate and many others you should be aware of.

Here’s the only sunscreen that doesn’t use ANY harsh chemicals, earning it the top EWG non-toxicity score. And it remains the only one of its kind with this level of purity thanks to its mineral-based formula and being 100% free of biologically harmful chemicals. It doesn’t include avobenzone, oxybenzone, or any chemical UV absorbers. Just all-natural ingredients that are absolutely safe for your skin and people are raving about it! Read some of their amazing reviews here.

22. The area around your eyes is the most sensitive part of your face. Did you know that you can develop fine lines over the years just from squinting against the sun’s glare?

To protect your eyes, wear sunglasses. For this purpose, the larger the sunglasses, the better.

Pair with a hat for the most protection, and UV-filtering lenses will offer additional benefit to the skin around your eyes.

23. If you smoke: quit. (In the sage words of Yoda, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”) Smoking dulls your skin and leads to wrinkles.

If you keep smoking, you will look 10 years older than non-smokers of the same age.

24. Stress can have an impact on the way your skin looks. It can cause you to develop under-eye bags, dry skin, acne and rashes among other things.

25. One of our most favorite clear skin solutions: Get your beauty sleep. You should get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

A study published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology found that lack of sleep (5 hours or less) is related to faster aging of your skin.

It lowers your skin barrier function, and makes you less satisfied with your physical appearance.

The study also found that good sleepers (people who sleep 7-9 hours a night) had a 30% better recovery from skin inflammation than bad sleepers after being exposed to simulated solar ultraviolet light.

If you want to get clear skin naturally, make sure you turn off that light and hit the sack.

26. Do you use a cell phone?

Disinfect your phone with hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol on a regular basis. (If you want to find out how many germs live on your phone, take this funny quiz).

If you haven’t cleaned it in a while, use the speakerphone function to avoid contact with your face.

This will prevent bacteria getting on your face from your phone and cause blemishes.

27. Do the all-natural thing! For clear skin, try going without makeup at least one day per week to let your skin breathe. You’ll see the difference once you start doing this.

Nutrition for getting clear skin naturally

28. Although we are generally skeptical of detox claims, there are some legitimate ways to “detoxify” your body.

Of course, the best way to get rid of toxins in your body is to not put them in or on your body in the first place.

Avoiding environmental pollutants (including from car and industrial exhaust, lawn chemicals, etc.) and chemically-laden skin products (e.g. many conventional beauty products) will give you a natural glow, strengthen your hair and nails, and reduce the number and severity of breakouts.

Don’t know how?

Check out this post with research-backed detox instructions.

29. Eat berries! Berries are rich in antioxidants, and at the same time, they don’t contain a lot of sugar, which is great because sugar can cause breakouts.

Don’t rely on antioxidant supplements, because all major scientific studies on the topic have shown not only that they don’t have a positive impact on your body.

You might find this surprising to hear, but some vitamin supplements might actually harm your health in the long run.

30. Get in touch with your vegan side: A simple trick to getting clear skin and making it produce less oil is to reduce your dairy consumption.

Dairy products include hormones that stimulate your oil glands and make your skin more greasy, as was confirmed in a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

These hormones are concentrated in the fat. In case you can’t resist your favorite dairy products, try to stay to the ones made of skim milk.

31. Green tea is packed with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and is a great way to get clear skin naturally.

A cup or two of green tea can help to fight bacteria and free radicals that could harm your skin.

32. Your diet certainly has an impact on how your skin looks. Many people believe that greasy food in particular can make your skin greasy. But does it really?

New research has shown that some fats might not be as bad as previously thought.

The key is that it totally depends on the kind of fat.

Nuts, for example, contain fats that are believed to be good for you, while the kinds of industrially-processed oils usually found in fast foods, ready meals, and mass-produced confections are not.

The upshot? Bring on the nuts and the raw olive oil; pass on the pizza and donuts.

This will get you one big step closer to getting clear skin and a natural glow.

33. And while we’re on the subject of things that taste good but can harm you: sugar isn’t so good for getting clear skin, either.

Sugar accelerates your aging process and causes acne. So stay away from soda drinks and snacks loaded with sugar.

How to get clear skin naturally with the right skin care regimen

34. Avoid skincare products that include alcohol. Especially if you have dry skin. Alcohol is known to dry out your skin even more, and make your skin look flaky.

Alcohol in personal care products has been found to possibly irritate human skin.

Alcohol also makes it easier for toxic substances to enter your skin, and could possibly increase your risk of skin cancer (the relevant study appeared in the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology).

35. A cleansing brush can remove makeup from your skin that your face wash might not take away.

A brush can get deeper in your skin helping to clear out your pores from leftover cosmetics.

This also prevents you from over-washing your skin with too much soap and drying it out.

36. Exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells. This will prevent your pores from getting clogged and causing breakouts.

Instead, you will enjoy a natural glow and clear skin.

However, exfoliation needs to be done correctly, and there are many harmful exfoliation products on the market.

You can do more damage than good to your skin if you ignore important tips recommended by skin experts.

37. Apply organic body butter to your skin (not lotion) after taking a shower. Hot water can dry out your skin and leave it flaky. Organic body butter made from the most natural ingredients will nourish your skin and prevent it from being dry after you shower.

While even “natural” lotions tend to use alcohol and artificial chemicals, this organic body butter is made from 100% natural and pure ingredients. We checked all of them using the EWG database and every ingredient in this body butter received the best possible score for skin safety and non-toxicity. And these customer reviews show how much love it gets for that.

Now there’s no more reason to suffer from dry skin after you take a shower!

38. Try not to pick at your breakouts. In addition to inflaming the skin through mechanical means, your fingers could bring additional oil and bacteria to the infected area, making things even worse.

39. Exfoliate in the shower. The steam opens up your pores and makes it easier to get out more dead skin cells.

40. Stay away from artificial fragrances, including skincare products that contain artificial fragrances.

In addition to concerns about other (more serious) health problems associated with artificial fragrances, they have been found to cause allergies which can affect the skin (see the linked study published in the journal Dermatitis).

It’s important to keep in mind that when “fragrance” appears in a perfume or beauty product’s ingredient list, it is a catch-all placeholder that makes it impossible for consumers (or regulators) to know the real ingredients.

The FDA does not require manufacturers to disclose their ingredients lists to the public in the interest of protecting companies’ trade secrets.

41. Keep it simple and don’t use too many products on your face to avoid irritation.

42. Always style your hair before putting on makeup. Using a blow dryer might melt your makeup and clog your pores leading to breakouts.

43. Wash your face before plucking or waxing any hairs on your face to reduce the risk of dirt entering your pores. After you removed all the unwanted hair you can apply aloe vera gel to soothe your skin.

44. If you’re serious about getting clear skin, there is a number of things you should never put on your face.

Read the list to keep your face looking great!

45. Go easy on the anti-acne cream. Astringent creams contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide that are designed to dry out your skin.

If you think you have to use these products, use the minimum amount (and use it as seldom as possible).

46. Go all-natural and try organic tea tree oil on your breakouts. Why tea tree oil? Because it has natural antiseptic and wound-healing powers and it received the best possible score for non-toxicity and skin safety by the EWG.

Wanna get creative with this amazing natural oil? Make yourself a face mask mixing tea-tree oil with other great ingredients like aloe vera.

47. Keep your hair out of your face. This will help you to avoid getting oil and hair products from your hair on your face, and keep their pore-clogging powers at bay.

Do you have bangs, or thinking of getting them?

Consider that with bangs, your hair constantly touches the skin on your forehead, which can lead to more breakouts in that area.

If you love your bangs and want to minimize breakouts on your forehead, experiment with washing your hair more often.

48. Find out which skin type you have. Once you know your skin type, you can adapt your skin care routine accordingly, and get better results.

This little test might help you out.

49. Moisturize to keep your skin healthy. Moisture is important to prevent your skin from aging prematurely.

But make sure you are using a product with natural ingredients instead of nasty chemicals.

Moisturize more during the cold, dry months than during warm, humid months.

As temperatures drop, your skin gets more fragile and dries out more quickly, requiring additional protection to avoid aging.

You should also moisturize before applying your makeup, because your skin will look dry and flaky despite the makeup if you do not moisturize.

50. Clean your makeup brushes at least every other week. Bacteria build up in large amounts in a period as short as 2 weeks.

You don’t want to give those little stinkers a free ride onto you face each time you apply makeup!

Use lukewarm water and soap to wash them off.

Bonus tip 51. For getting clear skin naturally, replace your skincare products once you have been using them for over 6 months. The older they are, the more likely they are to host bacteria that can cause breakouts and irritation.

Bonus tip 52. Try a face mask once a week. This is a great way to get rid of your skin concerns and improve your appearance.

Here’s a Manuka honey face mask to nourish your skin with a powerful mix of natural antioxidants. Manuka honey removes dirt on your face and helps your skin cells to regenerate (it also received the top EWG score for non-toxicity). Time to say good-bye to inflammation and hello to smoother, healthier-looking skin. Really works! See what others have to say.

Welcome to the clear-skin club!

Great!  You’re done with this post, and now you know what you need to do to get clear skin.

If you follow the tips in this post consistently, you should see an improvement over time.

Getting clear skin naturally takes patience and perseverance, but you will enjoy the results.

If you’re interested in going even further in your quest for clear skin, we have prepared some additional information for you.

Remember, getting clear skin naturally is not just about what you put on it. It’s also about nutrition, and certain foods are simply better for your skin than others.

If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends.

Have we missed anything? Leave a comment with your favorite natural skin care tip below.

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Now that you’ve learned a thing or two about how to get clear skin, see if drinking lots of water really makes you look younger.


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    1. Fragrances are an easy way for manufacturers to hide a number of ingredients without openly including them in their ingredient list. It’s prudent to keep them away from your skin.

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